Achieving rapid economic growth in recent years, the Vietnamese government is no longer capable to provide adequate infrastructure facilities solely by public funding or waiting for assistance from developed countries. Vietnam has followed the trend of allowance private participation into public investment, especially in infrastructure projects. The Public – Private Partnership has been introduced to Vietnam for more than ten years. In there, it is known as the name of Build – Operate – Transfer or BOT in abbreviation. The Vietnamese Government is aware of importance of private participation in infrastructure development. There are many projects that have been set up based on BOT basic. BOT investment is applied largely in transportation projects and power plant projects in Vietnam. With the special respect of the Vietnamese Government, this is a good opportunities for any developer who is seeking for a potential investment market.With its endeavor, Vietnam has obtained success in a few BOT projects. This is major factor enhancing enlargement of BOT investment. However there are still many problems of an unhealthy market that cause such a new concept like BOT to trouble. Vietnamese private sector remains not strong enough to hold large scale project like infrastructure one.This study presents prospect of BOT investment in Vietnam and impeding factors that prevent it from going smoothly. Solutions are proposed to fix these obstacles and through that impulse success of BOT application there.


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